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Enjoy a golf vacation in Portugal with one of our golf packages.  These planned golf trips take golf travel in Portugal to a new level!

Centuries ago, Portugal was a pioneer of worldwide exploration. Until recently, however, it was never as successful in attracting visitors to its own shores. Outside of greater Lisbon, the Algarve, and the island of Madeira, Portugal remained unknown and undiscovered by the mainstream visitor for many decades.

Today's travelers are beginning to realize that Portugal was unjustly overlooked. It offers sandy beaches, art treasures, flavorful cuisine, a unique form of architecture (Manueline), charming handcrafts, a mild climate, moderate hotel rates, and polite and friendly people. Only 2 million annual visitors came to Portugal in the late 1970s. The number swelled to 20 million in the mid-1990s, and an explosion of hotel and resort building has kept pace. Portugal today attracts some 22 million visitors, maybe more. Continue...

Vilamoura Golf Vacation
  • 7 Nights at Tivoli Marina Vilamoura
  • 5 Rounds of Golf
  • Roundtrip Shuttle Golf Transfers
  • Use of Golf Practice Facilities
  • Welcome Drink & Fruit Basket
  • Full Breakfast Daily

The Algarve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year tourists in there thousands flock to the south of Portugal to soak up the sun and relax in this European paradise.

Full of history and heritage and still standing today are buildings and walls dating back to the Roman times. You are never far from a museum or guided tour to allow you gain a more in-depth insight into the evolution of this beautiful region.

The Algarve has the best all-year round climate in the whole of Europe, and can boast more sunshine hours than California! You can often see temperatures hit the mid 30's.

With over 100 miles of dramatic cliff faces and extensive golden beaches, the Algarve offers one of the most dramatic coastlines in the world. There is something for everyone, whether you're after a relaxing day at an intimate cove, or water sports and tourist attractions on busy golden beaches.

Lisbon is known as the white city, thanks to its unique luminosity. The light, the atmosphere and the climate offer marvelous walks all over the city. It has a beauty that extends beyond the monuments, which can be experienced in the streets, that is embraced with all the senses.

The Estoril & Sintra Golf Coast has seven superb golf courses to choose from. This unique part of Europe, just half an hour from Lisbon's International Airport, offers good weather all year round. Golf courses designed by the world's most famous architects to satisfy the demanding golfer, and a wonderful varied coastline.

On the Costa Azul, the stretch of coast between the magnificent estatuarios of the Tagus and the Sado, golf lovers are faced with having to choose from the best of the four top of the range golf courses.

The Azores Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, about two hours flying time from Lisbon, and about five hours flying time from the eastern coast of North America. The archipelago is composed of nine islands, which are distributed in three groups – eastern, central and western. The largest island located in the eastern group, São Miguel, is home to magnificent golf courses as well as the island of Terceira in the central group. In addition to golf, the Azores is ideal for sailing excursions, big game fishing and also, underwater exploration. Needless to say, a vacation in the Azores is sure to provide you with plenty of scenery, serenity and of course, sunshine.