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Fairways to Heaven, Inc. (f2h) has offered high end, custom golf travel services since 1996. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, the company has a small expert staff with expertise in international golf resorts and customized transportation arrangements. Specializing in high-end golf travel programs all over the world, the company has made its mark on the industry through innovation, highest quality customer service and relationships with major travel and resort partners throughout the world. Fairways to Heaven’s client list includes many high-net worth individuals and major corporations having fulfilled over 2000 luxury travel requests over its impressive history.

If you are in the process of choosing the "right" golf travel company for your needs, it is so important to make the right decision. Many factors come into play such as price, level of service, and value delivered. When we are asked the question, what is it about our company that is so special from the many others out there and why should the discerning traveler choose to travel with us? We actually welcome this question and this how we would answer it

For over 10 years now, Fairways to Heaven Golf has been creating unique and memorable golf experiences all over the world. Our company’s Founder & President, Sean K. Winton has set standards & practices that are not typically found within many companies in the golf industry. It’s not that it’s difficult to go the extra step for a client but not everyone seems to make that effort. To our team, it is the fundamental difference in our success. Mr. Winton was born and raised by Turnberry, Scotland and he has made it his mission to create a unique environment personalized to match the personality and needs of each specific client or group. His “home of golf” native stamp will punctuate your experience no matter where you will travel in the world. Attention to detail and the personal care provided are paramount to the success of the Fairways to Heaven Golf brand.

Sean K. Winton – Founder & President

Sean K. Winton founded the company in 1996 from his basement apartment in NY. Born & raised on the west coast of Scotland, Mr. Winton’s journey is a familiar immigrant story of determination, passion, and a persistent desire to succeed. In typical immigrant form of having no money and with a wee twist of irony, a golf travel company was born specializing in taking clients to Scotland. Now, with over 10 years of experience in the golf travel industry, successfully catering to the unique and diverse needs of the company’s clients, existing and new, his leadership, vision, and passion is what sets Fairways to Heaven Golf apart. Today, his goal is to diversify the company’s destination portfolio on a global scale. If you meet him he will quickly tell you - “seeing the world through travel is the best education money can buy!” It’s only better when you can play golf as well.

Christine Frew – US Operations Manager

Christine oversees all the company's customer service relations and day-to-day operations.

Barbara Ortiz – House Ticketing Agent / Non-Golf Vacation Specialist

Barb Ortiz is part of Tzell Travel Group based in Manhattan, NY. She has 19 years of experience in both corporate ticketing and vacation planning. With excellent control of the Spanish and Italian languages, Miss Ortiz has extensive experience in managing corporate travel accounts as well as a knowledgeable vacation specialist worldwide.